Catalina Susan – General Manager of Armenia Marriott Hotel, Yerevan

Another unique thing is the Marriott property itself it is landmark itself, everybody knows it, it is in a very central position, all the diaspora knows about this property, and this keeps our customers loyal. When you think of a hotel in Yerevan, you think at Armenia Marriott Hotel.

Salvatore Casarrubia – General Manager of Opera Suite Hotel, Yerevan

It is very important to understand that it is bilaterally effective both for the company and the employee. As a hotel, you can have the worst facilities, but if you have a motivated staff, you will have an advantage over your competitors with the quality of service your staff can provide.

Anastasiya Romanova Expedia Group – Market Associate Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine

Expedia Group is not just an OTA, it is indeed a travel-platform, with the help of which the traveler can completely form his/her trip: starting from buying a ticket and booking a hotel to renting a car and buying a cruise, tickets to a concert or sightseeing tour. For the corporate segment, there is a resource Egencia that is also not limited to the offer of new properties.

Hotelier Magazine (English)

HOTELIER Magazine is published in Armenia in January 2019. It represents the hotel and hospitality industry and executives.
HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue is released in June 2019.

Hotelier Magazine -LUSINE GURSHUDIAN

I had an opportunity to internship in one of the best and hospitable countries in the world – in Greece. And it played such a vital role that I remained to work further in this industry. My all-time colleagues from Mouzenidis Travel laid the fundamentals in me that are so important in our business:- Love everything you do!

Hotelier Magazine – Presentation (19.02.2019)

The Hotelier LLC presented the first issue of its “Hotelier Magazine” which is devoted to covering the ever-growing hospitality sphere in Armenia and not only. The event took place at The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan and it brought together over 100 hotel industry executives, representatives of adjacent spheres both governmental and private.