Shirak Miqayelyan – VAYK Hotel and Tourism Center

As for the tourist attraction, it is a very conventional concept and it depends on how you feel and how you present those sightseeings. That’s why our hotel also took the mission of the Information Center from the very beginning. The “Tourist Center” signboard guides tourists to our hotel where they receive information about attractions and tourist opportunities in the Vayots Dzor region, as well as get answers to other questions, such as about roads, transportation, the distance between settlements, nearest shops, banks, medical facilities. In addition, in our hotel, they will be offered a cup of tea or coffee and will have the opportunity to charge their devices.

Каталина Сьюзан – генеральный директор Armenia Marriott Hotel, Ереван

Например, в условиях Европейского Союза, даже законодательство совершенно отличается от Дальнего востока. Marriott не дешевая собственность. Я бы сказала, что самой большой проблемой сейчас является поиск поставщиков на текущем рынке, поскольку вариантов здесь не так много, и, что удивительно для меня, некоторые поставщики не хотят работать с Marriott.
Также сложно найти аутсорсинговые компании, что является одним из вариантов управления собственностью с более высокой прибыльностью. Гораздо проще работать с аутсорсинговыми компаниями и нанимать их в разгар сезона, а в другие сезоны всю работу выполняют ваши штатные сотрудники.

Salvatore Casarrubia – General Manager of Opera Suite Hotel, Yerevan

It is very important to understand that it is bilaterally effective both for the company and the employee. As a hotel, you can have the worst facilities, but if you have a motivated staff, you will have an advantage over your competitors with the quality of service your staff can provide.

Anastasiya Romanova Expedia Group – Market Associate Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine

Expedia Group is not just an OTA, it is indeed a travel-platform, with the help of which the traveler can completely form his/her trip: starting from buying a ticket and booking a hotel to renting a car and buying a cruise, tickets to a concert or sightseeing tour. For the corporate segment, there is a resource Egencia that is also not limited to the offer of new properties.