Hotelier Magazine – Ashot Parsyan

The first one was Opera Suite hotel. They asked us to develop a SPA concept for them, and we went for the same concept we already had, but this time we opted for a more luxurious version, and we had a chance to improve some of the problems we already had in our SPAs, such as locations in the city, small working space, etc. The Thai spa in Opera Suit hotel was a huge success and it brought us new partnerships with other hotels such as DoubleTree by Hilton, Messier 53, Hyatt.

HOTELIER ЖУРНАЛ – Маргарита Геворгян

Фактически мы имеем 8 залов для заседаний разных размеров. Они вмещают от 10 до 300 человек. Обычно мы проводим различные конференции, семинары, трейнинги, вебинары (благодаря нашему быстрому интернет-соединению), гала-ужины (до 80 человек), свадьбы, дни рождения и т. д.
Наша команда всегда рада предоставить отличный сервис и сделать день нашего клиента особенным во всех значениях этого слова.

Hotelier Magazine – Margarita Gevorgyan

We can accommodate from 10 to 300 people in our meeting halls. Usually we host various conferences, seminars, trainings, webinars (due to our fast Internet connection), gala dinners (up to 80 people), weddings, birthdays, etc. Our team is always excited to provide excellent service and make our client’s day special by all means.