Hotelier ЖУРНАЛ – Артур Восканян – Эксперт в Индустрии Гостеприимства

Развитие сферы гостеприимства в нашей стране условно можно разделить на два этапа.
Первым этапом можно назвать период с конца девяностых до 2001-го года, когда после обретения независимости, правительство Армении стало самостоятельно развивать сферу въездного туризма.

Hotelier Magazine – Bakur Grigoryan

One might think that good Director of F&B needs to be “big picture person only”. That’s true, to a certain extent. When you’re at the top, it’s important to think of larger goals and not get bogged down in the weeds…

Armenian Concierge Association

Hotelier Magazine – Armenian Concierge Association

The idea of creating the Armenian Concierge Association was proposed by our colleague from Moscow, chief Concierge of the Hilton hotel Leningradskaya Garegin Avagyan with the support of Les Clefs d’Or Russia.

Hotelier Magazine – Katerina Danekina – Incoming Tourism Expert

Hotel business in Armenia is rapidly developing. New hotels are being opened: chains, boutiques, a large number of hostels, etc. New international operators are coming to the Armenian market. All of this, of course has a positive effect on the development of individual, group, corporate tourism and it is one of the factors for increasing the flow of tourists.

Hotelier Magazine – Presentation (19.02.2019)

The Hotelier LLC presented the first issue of its “Hotelier Magazine” which is devoted to covering the ever-growing hospitality sphere in Armenia and not only. The event took place at The Alexander, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan and it brought together over 100 hotel industry executives, representatives of adjacent spheres both governmental and private.

Hotelier Magazine – Artur Voskanyan – Hospitality Expert

The development of the hospitality industry in our country can conditionally be divided into two stages.
The first stage can be considered the period from the end of the nineties to 2001, when the government of Armenia began to independently develop the field of inbound tourism after obtaining independence.