Shirak Miqayelyan, Founding Director of VAYK Hotel and Tourism Center.

Mr. Mikaelyan, Vayk tourism center, and the hotel have been operating since 2010. Introduce us, please, to this hotel and describe the advantages and specifications of the tourism center, and in general, how is the flow of tourists and seasonality (time series) in Vayk?
The Vayk hotel and tourism center was founded in 2010. Few people believed in the success of this initiative considering Vayk as an unattractive destination for tourists. However, by analyzing our strengths and weaknesses (pros and cons), we noted that Vayk is a geographical center both on the map of the region and on the Yerevan-Artsakh highway, it is located on the highway, the city has clean, neat and cozy residence, located along the Arpa River, between Vardeniats and Vayots Mountains.

As for the tourist attraction, it is a very conventional concept and it depends on how you feel and how you present those sightseeings. That’s why our hotel also took the mission of the Information Center from the very beginning. The “Tourist Center” signboard guides tourists to our hotel where they receive information about attractions and tourist opportunities in Vayots Dzor region, as well as get answers to other questions, such as about roads, transportation, the distance between settlements, nearest shops, banks, medical facilities. In addition, in our hotel, they will be offered a cup of tea or coffee and will have the opportunity to charge their devices.
As for Vayk Hotel, it is a 3-story building with 15 rooms, including single, double and triple rooms that are beautifully and comfortably furnished. We have a high rating among different hotel booking systems. Despite the seasonality of tourism in Armenia, we work all year round. It should be noted that in recent years, the problem of seasonality seems to be overcome.
In winter we have tourists as well who come here not only to celebrate the New Year but also to do winter hiking and skiing in our mountains that are ideal for such preferences. In addition, our hotel has a multifunctional hall where various public events are held, such as meetings, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions, so this activity also provides income for our hotel.
Our mission is to promote the whole Vayots Dzor as an exclusive tourism destination, where the most diverse forms of tourism can be combined: cultural, agro, eco, gastronomical, wine, adventure…

With this in view, we realize various initiatives, publish and distribute books and brochures about Vayots Dzor, organize festivals, conferences on the topic of “Tourism Opportunities in Vayots Dzor”, support other individuals or organizations engaged in tourism in different ways and provide consulting services to those communities who want to develop tourism in their region.
Tourism is a field where not only you but all other interconnected “actors” need to be strong and advanced in order to succeed.