Lilit Torossian – Sales and Marketing director of HOTEL NATIONAL

• Please tell us about Hotel National, when was it established, is it part of any international hotel chain?

The “Hotel National” opened its doors in December 2012 and was a member of Luxury Group. It’s a modern boutique hotel and is not a part of an international hotel chain. The Hotel started its activity with 39 rooms and during 3.5 years of operation, has enlarged by increased the total number to 75 exclusively comfortable rooms.
One of the main features of the Hotel is its location. Being located in the very heart of the city it is in a walking distance with the main sightseeing of the city centre and is only 130m. far from the Republic Square.
For those who is interested in improving the overall physical fitness, strengthen or just relax, we are pleased to offer a 24-hour operating fitness centre and SPA with the indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam sauna. Visiting the centre, guests will feel a burst of energy and feeling of satisfaction.
Our professional and well-trained staff offer an attentive, personalized service and are always available to offer any help to our guests.

• Why and how did you decide to work for National Hotel?

When I’ve got the job offer from Hotel National, I was currently working in an NGO. At that point, I was looking for a new career development opportunity in my professional career and after a personal interview, I believed that Hotel National, which values continuous learning, would provide me with them. I started working here in April 2017 and since then no two days have ever been the same, as our entire team is very inspiring.

• What is the best part of your job you particularly like?

A key factor for this job is to be able to communicate and work with different people from different backgrounds – as one big team. Also, probably the most important matter is that you – literally – take care of people.

• What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had so far working in this hotel?

Challenges that require us to go over and above out call of duty. Most probably, the biggest challenge was Francophonie Summit 2018 representing Armenian hospitality to the world when we had to carry out our service at the highest level and above.

• Did you always want to work in HoReCa business? If yes, how did you pursue your career in this field? Where did you study, where did you work before you got this job?

When I was a child, I was dreaming about my own small hotel. Even picked one old but very beautiful building (on Moskovyan Street) for my future business 🙂
Years later, I’ve got a chance to work in a small hotel, which was my first experience in that field. It actually helped me to understand that hospitality industry allows you to develop yourself – professionally and as a person. Not only you do improve the professional skills you already possess, but with time and commitment you learn others due to the variety of colleagues, clients and situations that will put you to the test. I have studied International Economics, but all the jobs that I had were connected to tourism. I always stayed in Armenia and didn’t work abroad, but I’d love to have the opportunity to live and work in other countries as well.