Margarita Gevorgyan – Event Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton Yerevan City Centre

Besides having 176 very fresh and comfortable rooms, wonderful bar and restaurant, glorious SPA center we know that you have also conference and meeting rooms. Could you please describe the capabilities of the meeting rooms and what type of event DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel can host?
Actually, we have 8 meeting rooms; each of them has different sizes. We can accommodate from 10 to 300 people in our meeting halls. Usually we host various conferences, seminars, trainings, webinars (due to our fast Internet connection), gala dinners (up to 80 people), weddings, birthdays, etc. Our team is always excited to provide excellent service and make our client’s day special by all means.

How long you have been already working in hospitality and hotel industry?
I’ve been working in hotel industry more than 3 years now and it has started with Hilton, which is great experience for me.

To work as an Event Manager at a hotel one should be very flexible in timing and be ready to be available 24 hours. Do you follow the rule?
You are completely right about being flexible and for sure one should be stress-resistant, because many times it happens that we need to change timing, some menu items on the last minute. About being available for 24 hours, as I work in a hotel industry, people already think that we’re available for 24 hours. Due to my work, event set ups are done during evening, sometimes nighttime too, so I better know the details of any issues in the night and try to fix it, rather than to arrive in the morning and have the problem which would be difficult to solve after some hours. That helps organize the work easily.

The hotel also has a comfortable roof, balcony in 4th floor and beautiful lobby. Interesting to know whether you also organize event there or not?
Yes, we do so, we organized and we continue organizing really nice fests in both spaces. Since 4th floor terrace is open air, we usually organize concerts, receptions in there for around 100 people. The 4th floor terrace is comfortable to sit, because we have sofas and chairs out there and also, we have our beautifully designed blue windows, where people always take photos (for sure for social media :).
Likewise in the Lobby, we organize receptions, gala dinners with round tables, concerts as well (depends on the number of people). in winter we decorate our Lobby, as this year, and people are welcome to organize their corporate party with us.