Arman Budaghyan – Head of Food and Beverage since July 2018. HOTEL NATIONAL

• Why do you like working for Hotel National? What’s the best part about it?
I think the hotel industry is a pretty interesting and pleasant domain to get involved in. As any other job, it has its ups and downs, and that’s the great part of it: there is always place for innovation and there will always be innovators. It is one of my favorite areas, especially the National Hotel as the best staff and management are concentrated here and there is always a lot to learn.

• Did you always want to work in HoReCa business? If yes, how did you pursue your career in this field? Where did you study, where did you work before you got this job?
I have always strived to be in the hotel industry and can’t imagine myself working in another field anymore. I have started my career from a simple waiter and within 6 hard working years I had an opportunity to learn and get more closer to achieving my goals. Despite my young age, I have managed to become what I am now, at the same time combining studies at university and work experience. I think I’m pretty lucky in that respect.

• What is the one most challenging thing in your job, or what’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face so far?
It is not easy to manage a Food & Beverage department, as you are working with several departments at the same time; kitchen, bar, staff. All the difficulties can be overcome, but the fact that you are dealing with different characters makes you always keep and strengthen a good and healthy atmosphere, so that it does not endanger the work.
Customers come to hotels for various reasons, but in short, they want an experience. We are trying our best not to just meet our client’s demands, but also exceed them.

• What is the orientation in your cuisine?
Our restaurant mostly offers European cuisine, however Armenian cuisine also takes part in it.

• What do you like best about your restaurant?
For me the breakfast serving process in the best part of the day. It is not that easy, specially because it starts from very early morning, but the warm and multi-cultural atmosphere makes you forget about the difficulties and enjoy your work. All the dynamics, all the shifting with different responsibilities and the feeling you have when you start training and end up in a managing position, it’s more than satisfactory at the end of the day.

• What’s your favourite dish in the menu you’d recommend to everyone?
I actually like everything in our menu, and it’s hard for me to point it out, but I guess the most favourite one is “Minion” Steak. I recommend everyone to come and try it and share their impressions with me.

• How did you decide to work in National Hotel?
At that point in my professional career, I was looking for new career development opportunities and though that Hotel National would provide me with them, and I was right.
Besides at first sight I was attracted to both the place and the interior of the hotel as well.

• What was the best event you held last year in your restaurant?
Wedding proposal during a romantic dinner at the restaurant. The feelings were impressive and unforgettable.

• Do you have any upcoming events we should be looking forward to?
Sure! The holiday season is coming up and everybody is busy with picking up a place for celebration. We are happy to invite all to join and celebrate your events with Hotel National Armenia, as we are not only offering delicious dishes prepared by our chef, but also guaranteeing a festive mood for the whole evening.