Bakur Grigoryan – F&B Director

“The Leader should have an ability to ‘manage changes’”

To manage Food and Beverage department of one of the best hotels of Yerevan should be very responsible job. What are the most important things you must pay attention in your position?

One might think that good Director of F&B needs to be “big picture person only”. That’s true, to a certain extent. When you’re at the top, it’s important to think of larger goals and not get bogged down in the weeds…
However, excellent leaders take details seriously too. They recognize that they must demand quality work from their subordinates.
Obviously, it’s not pleasant to have to fire or discipline someone, but leaders don’t want to risk one bad apple spoiling the bunch…
Also, is very important to have ability to roll with changes: Change can be exciting, but it isn’t always easy. It’s up to great leaders to remain open minded to new approaches and determine what workplace changes are worth pursuing.
The ability to “manage change” is a desirable trait in the CPI personality tests, which measures leadership potential.

How long have you been already working in hospitality industry?

I had a chance to work and to be on trainings in different Brands not only in Armenia. In 2000 when I stated my career as a waiter in a small hotel, the Armenian hospitality field was not this much popular, but if one falls in love with Hotel Industry it is forever, I think.

We know that Opera Suite Hotel has launched 13 Lounge & Bar in your hotel. Can you please give an idea what is the main accent of the bar and what a guest can find there specific and new?

Going out for nightlife in Yerevan is not always the easiest thing in the world. Our Club card holders will already know, but if you’re just starting out, this could be linked to you as well.
Lounge Bar 13 is an upscale establishment for the people who celebrate the end of their day. From Wednesday to Sunday we provide “DJ music- excellent drink combination” guaranteed formula for the true happiness and success. We practice “face control” to keep the mood of this venue’s organic ambiance for our guest.

Opera Suite Hotel has several bars and restaurants and it is interesting to know whether they have the same menu, or they differ from each other by the types of menus and kitchen in general?

In general, we serve Italian, International and Armenian Cuisines in our Hotel.
We serve international Breakfast with the highlight of quality of used products daily in our Bon Appetite Restaurant in 12th floor. 
In our Lobby Bar menu, we have Armenian, Italian and some International dishes available for enjoyment in Lobby complimented with a very rich selection of drinks.
Our Room Service Menu is customized for guests who are striving for privacy, bearing in mind their expectations and comfort of in room dinning.
Our Sinatra Restaurant is a place where not only locals are striving to experience Italian Cuisine with the best view of our Capital city. It is also well known in the city place for organizing customized special occasion dinners.
Lounge Bar 13 is a beloved place, where residents and guests of our Capital city have opportunity to relax in the end of the day with their favorite drink in a very unique ambiance.