Katerina Danekina – Incoming Tourism Expert

Hotel business in Armenia is rapidly developing. New hotels are being opened: chains, boutiques, a large number of hostels, etc. New international operators are coming to the Armenian market. All of this, of course has a positive effect on the development of individual, group, corporate tourism and it is one of the factors for increasing the flow of tourists. You have to book rooms in nice hotels in Yerevan in advance, especially in the high season. Nevertheless, some entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks and launch nonstandard hotels outside of Yerevan that helps to reveal and feel our country in a special way. I would like to tell about some of them:

MJA Resort. The hotel is located in Syunik Region, near the town of Sisian. The construction of the complex began in 1998 and since then has constantly continued to be refined and changed. Today, MJA is 18 hectares that include the Botanical Garden, where almost all types of vegetation grow in Armenia; a zoological garden where many rare animals and birds live and breed; three lakes with more than 12 species of fish, a large area covered with well-kept lawns and flowers, a swimming pool, a waterfall, etc. The resort is located in the middle of nowhere, that’s what got my attention personally. It is not an easy task to get to it and last kilometers of the road are not perfect, however, MJA is definitely worth the effort. The hotel has only 10 rooms, comfortable, clean, simple, but the main beauty is outside the room: the mountains of Syunik, lakes and gardens. During summertime, breakfast is served right in the garden, in the arbors under the trees. The food is exclusively natural, homemade and very tasty. Thanks to the fact that the complex has a large area, you can easily find a quiet corner and get cozy with a book. For example, one of the lakes is equipped with a pontoon and surrounded by trees – here you can enjoy the silence for hours. Or at the botanical garden where you can hide from the eyes among the thick greenery. Well, or take a walk with roe deer and goats in their aviary. MJA Resort is an ideal solution if you want to spend an absolutely passive long-weekend outside of city life. To relax, to read, to think and to talk to the most important interlocutor – yourself.

Arevi Hotel. It is located in the region of Vayots Dzor, near the village of Yeghegis. This is the first hotel in Armenia built of containers, however, this is not the only peculiarity of Arevi. Panoramic mountain views open from the hotel, where bears often stroll and guests of Arevi can watch them if they are lucky. You can find around the hotel hammocks, various recreation areas. The rooms are not large, minimalist, but very clean, fresh and comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by the mattress and bed linen: a very important detail on which mini-hotels and B&B often save, but it is an important factor for many tourists for comfortable rest and making a decision on a return visit. All rooms have panoramic windows and views. Waking up and right out of bed seeing the strength and power of nature is an amazing feeling! Arevi is surrounded by a large number of sights: Smbataberd Fortress, Tsakhats Kar monastic complex, Jewish cemetery, etc. Without any doubt, the nature of Vayots Dzor is already a landmark. Fascinating views, forests, caves. At Arevi Hotel you can rent bicycles or ask a guide to do a Hiking tour. Arevi will be perfect for adventure tourists because there are so many amazing places around! A rest in a hammock, live music and a glass of good Armenian wine in the evenings will add positive emotions and make your trip unforgettable.

Armas Wine is widely known in Armenia and abroad, and it has already been included in many travel guides as a must visit place. And it is absolutely well deserved because Armas Winery has a very elegant and beautiful area, made by international standards. There is a spacious terrace at guest’s service overlooking the vineyards and Mount Ararat, recreation areas, gazebos, ping-pong, you can also take quad bikes or just walk around the well-kept vineyards. You will be pleasantly surprised not only by the wines but also by the cuisine, the local chef makes unique dishes that are able to conquer the most demanding guests.
However, just few people know that the winery also has nine hotel rooms. Now it is not necessary to fly to Italy to spend a wine weekend among vineyards, wine, beautiful nature and high-quality cuisine. After all, just 40 minutes from Yerevan, you can find a completely different reality and spend a wonderful weekend alone with wine, delicious food and nature.