Hotelier – Hotel and Property Management Company takes a hands-on, proactive approach providing management solutions with passion and professionalism for hotel owners.
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Market Analysis & Business Positioning Study


Financial Performance and Reputation Enhancement


Hotel Feasibility Study and Business Planning

4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1. Communication & Planning

Your hotel business is unique and so our focus is naturally on delivering what you want, tailoring all services accordingly to optimize profitability, reputation and the value of your asset.

Once we have evaluated your business, we will provide you with our unique business review and create a bespoke strategic plan with clear actions.

2. Management Capability Assessment

We will assess current activity and advise on the most appropriate actions in terms of internal and external communication, Market analyzing and business planning.

Our management team members are highlighting where opportunities exist to enhance capability and thereby, performance.

3. Financial Performance

We will review all revenue and cost lines to highlight where you are out of step with what we would expect, and help you to develop plans to enhance performance in each area.

4. Hospitality Consulting & Outsourcing

Hotelier – Property Management Solutions works to help Owners, Managers and Departments of all areas of the hospitality industry sort out the many choices available in the world of technology, operation management and guest experience.

Reaching and converting travel customers around the world in an ever-changing, competitive online landscape is an ongoing challenge for small accommodation providers. With all our experts in the industry, we are serving our clients to provide management needs and consultation requests, including operational, project coordination, marketing and promotion and all aspect of hotel business. Hotelier – Hotel and Commercial Property Management is unique where we are providing active consultation to the companies’ owner and investors. It is the responsibility of Hotelier-PMS to provide ways, which are adhered to support those results with appropriate instructions, training materials and through personal consulting.

. Training Services – Hotelier Academy
. Sales and Marketing
. Food & Beverage
. Hotel Operations
. Revenue Management
. Human Resource
. Startup Management
. IT, Online & Digital Solutions
. Hotelier Magazine

. Hotel Management and Development
. Training and Standard Operating Procedures
. Hotel Mystery Shoppers
. Hospitality Marketing and Analysis
. Start-up Management
. Online Distribution

Areas of Focus to Improve Profit Plan

  • Growing Revenues

    • Brand Positioning & Strategy
    • Rooms & Revenue Management
    • Food & Beverage and Event Operations
    • Sales & Marketing Planning and On- and Off-line Activity
    • Destination Marketing

Areas of Focus to Reduce Costs

  • Reducing Costs

    • Food & Liquor Cost Control
    • Human Resources & Payroll Management
    • Procurement
    • Financial Management
    • Utilities Management
    • Health & Safety & Legal Compliance
    • Technology Applications



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